Electric utilities facing a multitude of challenges: limited generation to supply increasing energy demand, growing regulatory and customer pressure for greater reliability and lower carbon emissions, and increased adoption of variable, distributed renewable generation and energy storage. The convergence of these challenges has created a need for a comprehensive generation forecasting, monitoring and control system.

Solution :

  • Power Control & Monitoring.

Benefits :

  • Enables the most economical generation operations in the presence of highly variable renewables
  • Allows utilities to best balance load and generation
  • Provides reserve optimization and control of demand response options

Advantages :

  • Deep and proven knowledge of full-scale utility operations and control
  • Advanced forecasting, monitoring, control, and optimization
  • Strong integration with SCADA, DRMS and Weather Forecasting Systems

Some parts of the power control & monitoring system are :

  • Panel Capacity Bank
  • Panel ATS
  • Panel MDP
  • Panel SDP
  • Power Monitoring Software

Capacity Bank / Capacitor Bank Panel

Capacity Bank / Capacitor bank, Capacitor stores energy in electric field. The stored energy is not maintained indefinitely, as the dielectric present between the plates allows for a certain amount of current leakage which results in the gradual dissipation of the stored energy.

Capacitor bank is an interconnection of such capacitors either in series or parallel based on requirement. Capacitor banks are generally used to
1. Power Factor Correction (Cos Phi)
2. Reactive Power Compensation.

Benefits :

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • KVAR can fall between 10% -30%
  • Lower the Ampere motor
  • Make Cos Phi 0.99
  • Eliminate the inductive power that is in the motor
  • Making the motor cool and stable

Product Example :

files  Schneider VLVAF4P03506AB

ATS Panel

ATS panels are designed to automatically changeover from mains electricity supply to stand-by generators on failure of the mains supply. When the main supply is restored, the system automatically changes back and stops the generator. The stand-by generator will eventually shut down after a short cooling down period.
 A transfer switch’s main function is to redistribute power from a grid to a backup source of power. Generally, normal power is provided by a utility company. When the primary power source stops working or fails to deliver required load, load is automatically transferred to generator through ATS panel.

The ATS function is to detect a power failure and automatically transfer the load to the generator. Once the generator has attained its normal speed and voltage needed the ATS system signals the switch to transfer from the normal source (utility company) to the generator. Another function of the control panel is the detection of voltage drop and failure of the normal source of power. In general, all phases are monitored. Failure points are defined as voltage drop in any phase.

Ats panel :


MDP & SDPPanel

MDP Panel is Main Distribution Panel that distribute the voltage from the main voltage source to the user (SDP Panel). SDP panel is Sub Distribution Panel used to receive voltage from MDP panel.


Power Monitoring Software

Power monitoring software is used to control everything about Power controling Energy Cost, Utility Usage.