The Module LXC706 is an small Automatic Engine Control Module. It selects 3 kinds of working

state(Manual, Auto, Stop), can pass panel light touch buttons artificially start/stop genset, also can

through remote start signal input automatic starting generator, and can detect fault (low oil pressure,

high water temperature, emergency stop alarm, over speed) automatically disconnect fuel relays

and stop electromagnet to electric suction close. Panel LED indicator fault state, provide real and

effective fault alarm signal.




*Emerald green backlight, generator parameters are clearly visible during the day and night.

*LCD icon display alarm, alarm information is visual, universal.

*On the LCD digital display a variety of generator parameters.

*The PC panel with durable, waterproof.

*The control panel, easy realization of generator start stop, reduce the user connection.

*All parameters can be set on the panel, convenient debugging and maintenance.

* Set all the configuration parameters and monitoring computer through USB connection.

*Ultra small size, suitable for small generator, intelligent control is particularly suitable for small

gasoline generator.

*Equipped with a shockproof rubber ring, can achieve waterproof and shockproof panel.

*Install the assembly, flame retardant ABS shell, pluggable terminal, embedded installation,

compact structure, convenient installation.




*The power supply a wide range (8~35) VDC, can adapt different starting battery voltage


*The microprocessor as the core, for the LCD screen display icon symbols, light touch keys.

*With low oil pressure, high water temperature, over speed, and emergency stop, start failures

and so on protection and instructions.

*Can detect and display of power are: power voltage V, power frequency Hz, engine temperature

ºC, oil pressure kPa, speed rpm, total running time H, the battery voltage V, fuel level%.

*voltage of the generator, battery voltage, speed, temperature, pressure, liquid level sensor

threshold can be set, can achieve the following alarm or warning: low oil pressure, water

temperature, cylinder temperature high, speeding, less speed, emergency stop, failure to start,

stop, failure of power voltage is too high, too low, power frequency is too high or too low, the

battery voltage is too high low, low fuel level.

*With idle speed control and ETS solenoid function.

With 3 working state: manual, automatic, stop.

*Through the software setting of controllers can be set to the engine controller (not choose the

power voltage input), suitable for control of pump unit.

*Panel with a red light emitting diode (LED) display and alarm status.

*A variety of temperature, pressure, oil level sensor can be used directly, and can custom parameters:

Temperature, pressure sensor, respectively, and temperature, pressure alarm in parallel, in providing

the digital quantity at the same time increase the level of protection.

*Many successful starting condition (rotational speed sensor, oil pressure, power generation) can


*Four fixed relay output( fuel oil output, starter output, to stop the output, Idle speed output).

*A programmable output, can be set to public alarm output, stop failure output,preheating output

or idle speed control output function.

*Allow the user to change the setting of parameters, and memory in the internal FLASH memory, will

not be lost in the system when the power is off, the controller from the front panel of the controller. All

the parameters can be adjusted, or through the USB interface by the PC machine USB power supply

controller, through monitoring software for parameter setting.





Working Voltage  DC8. 0V to 35. 0V, Continuous Power Supply
Overall Consumption standby mode: 12V:0.3W 24V:0.4W
working: 12V:1W 24V:1.1W
AC voltage Input Single phase 2 Wire 15V AC – 360 V AC (ph-N)
Alternator Frequency 50/60Hz
Speed Sensor Voltage  1V –24V(effective value)
Speed Sensor Frequency maximum 10kHz
The maximum total run time 99999.9 hours (After the decimal point is 1/10 hours,Six minutes
once changes)
Start Relay Output  1Amp DC28V B+ power supply
Fuel relay output  1Amp DC28V B+ power supply
Shutdown relay output  1Amp DC28V B+ power supply
Idle speed relay output 1Amp DC28V B+ power supply
Programmable relay output 1Amp DC28V B+ power supply
Switch input port After B – effective
Overall Dimensions 97mm x 78mm x 44mm
Panel Cutout  78mm x 66mm
Working Conditions  Temperature:(-25~+70)ºC Relative humidity:(20~90)%
Storage Conditions Temperature:(-30~+80)ºC
Protection Level IP55:When waterproof rubber seal installed between the
controller and panel fascia
IP42:When waterproof rubber seal is not installed between the
controller and panel fascia
Insulation Intensity Object:input/output/power
  Quote standard:IEC688-1992
  Test way:AC1.5kV/1min leakage current:1mA
Weight 0.13kg